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Arizona Historical Society Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens. I even started rapping myself, Cortez said. Your support matters! Nowadays, the artists are between 18-26 years old and theyre always on social media, which in turn attracts teenagers., T3R Elementos guitarist and tuba player Sergio Crdenas added: We have a lot of young followers because of Kris. In recent memory, its young artists like Nava, from Las Vegas, and Los Angeles native Cortez, age 25, who are taking on corridos. Veteran singers like the late artist Chalino Snchez, Los Tigres del Norte and Los Tucanes de Tijuana made corridos popular in the United States back in the 80s and 90s. He then started his own band, T3R Elemento, when he was 14 years old. Log in now. We have no ads to show you! https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/kristopher-nava-46070.php. On 16 November, the group put out their third album, The Green Trip, which is also comprised of 12 tracks: Aerolinea Carrillo, En Menos De Un Minuto, Lo Que Pasara En El Presente, El Verde Es Vida, Mi Religion, La Revancha, Que Envidia, Ojitos De Conejo, Empece de Cero, Fue Una Carta Para Mi Viejo, A Ver Si Compras El Futuro, and Los Gustos del Muchacho. The album topped Billboards Regional Mexican Albums chart in its opening week and held the position for the next three weeks as well. He has always been creative. Follow Artist +. Over on streaming platforms, weed corridos are creating a noteworthy buzz. Were reporting what we see in the streets. T3R Elemento is a Overview. His song Del Rojo, featuring Ramrez, Ulices Chaidez and Los Del Arroyo, which debuted at No. 2023 Billboard Media, LLC. The new (and not so new) generation of corrodistas have jumped on the weed-inspired subgenre. You must be logged in to add a show. Discography. Artist: T3R Elemento (T3R Elemento) Song: Rafa Caro Translations: English #1, #2 English translation A A Rafa Caro Versions: #1 #2 How the years have passed, but I know very well, my name have heard You should also know, of all the feats, that this man has achieved That for the 80s, I was the manager from the world of the narco Add this show to your JamBase Calendar.Then sync via Google Calendar or iCal. WebT3R Elemento About Latin American Music Award nominated group in the category of favorite Regional Mexican album who earned the honor with their debut production Underground. General On social media, Cortez uploaded a video of kids covering his song Callejn 58 while Navas encounter with young fans has been memorable. Career of the T3R Elemento started in 2015 .

Nava and his bandmates accepted the contract, and they put out their debut album, a live offering titled Rafael Caro Quintero en Vivo, in 2016. Credits. With my boii @ggfkrisssssssssssssssss one of the humblest kats Ive ever met - #HeavyHittas #RR #TakingOver #2019 #StreetWise #StreetMusic #HoodShit #CorridosCallejeros #DelRecks #OneTime #DelRecords -, A post shared by EL CORTEZ MUSIC (@oscarcortez_oficial) on Jan 29, 2019 at 5:36pm PST, Both Cortez and Nava can attest to their young fanbase. They also began uploading live videos on YouTube and putting out homemade digital singles on various streaming and download services. Ramrezs Rolling One feat. Although Ramrez doesnt consider himself a millennial per say, he also doesnt want to stay behind on the latest trends. He would often watch videos of corridos on YouTube and attempt to create his own rendition of them. Read Full Biography. All Rights Reserved. Kristopher Nava, Felipe Prieto, Sergio Crdenas, Zeus Gmez, and Carmelo Mosqueda are the members of the group. Founded in 2014, T3R Elementos revamp occurred four months ago, as the chart-topping group struggled to find common ground on the bands vision for the future and their sound, says Nava. We were at a point where we werent experimenting with new sounds and I didnt want to stay behind, 20-year-old Nava says. With more than 16,000 followers on Spotify, the weekly playlist titled Corridos Verdes described as msica para el humadern or music for the all the smoke features 50 songs by artists like T3R Elemento, Virlan Garca, and LEGADO 7 all artists with each more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify. In 2018, T3R Elemento was among the nominees for a Latin American Music Award for their ever-increasing popularity. Though its title would suggest a holistic return to narcotized themes, their new album Exotic Corridos represents the breadth of what Kristopher Nava and his crew do so well. Copyright 2023 Even though corridos should be just for adults, kids are listening to them as well., Ramrez echoed his tourmate: Ive always said that my songs arent for people under 18 but everyone has access to anything nowadays.. T3R Elemento Wiki, Facebook, Instagram, and socials. POPNABLE mexico, EN AF AM AR AZ BE BG BN CA CO CS CY DA DE EL EO ES ET EU FA FI FR FY GA GD GL GU HA HI HR HU HY ID IS IT IW JA YI JW KA KK KM KN KO KU LA LT LV MG MI MK ML MN MR MS MT MY NE NL NO PA PL PS PT RO RU RW SD SK SL SM SN SO SQ SR ST SU SV SW TA TE TG TH TK TR TT UK UR UZ VI XH YO ZH-CN ZU BS CEB NY HAW SI UG LB HT ZH-TW.

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