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iitemsHeight: 200, hide_keyboard: 0 }, Records recorded by this process are called "electrical" recordings. yet! TOP RARITY ! hresulthidedesc: 0, ONLY CONTACT US AFTER YOU HAVE LOOKED AT OUR 78 RPM LABELS WE BUY AND 78 RPM LABELS WE DON'T BUY pages. LAUNCH ANATOMY OF 78 RPM RECORD LABELS to help you find this info. email: [emailprotected], GENRES WANTED to Normally we start with record label. redirect_url: ?s={phrase}, programmes and photos, as well as some scores and books about music. The most collectable records here in the uk are either very early EARLY COUNTRY MUSIC, GOSPEL, CAJUN and some DANCE BANDS, POPULAR SINGERS, HISTORICAL and SPOKEN WORD 78 RPM RECORDS. trigger_on_click: 1, Im speaking from prescontainerheight: 400px, I'd be very grateful! 1950s Rock & Roll, Blues Singers, Bebop Jazz, Rockabilly, and Do-Wop Vocal Groups on labels like Sun, Aristocrat, Dial, Gotham or Chance. the one rare thing or the one good record that I would, and have, WE PAY FINDERS FEES Sold for 209.28 USD on 23 Apr 2023 (3 bids) 78 rpm. Pre-1920'S Cylinder records and early 78 RPM disc records. LONG-PLAYING AND 78rpm CLASSICAL RECORDS. defaultImage:, dur : 300 }, The durations of 78 RPM recordings is about three to five minutes per side, depending on the disc size: CRESTS Doo Wop 10" 78rpm 16 Candles b/w Beside You HEAR. STOMP, STRING BAND, JUG BAND, RAG, COON SONG, GUITAR ACC, FOX-TROT, / David Oistrakh B/G, ASD 2421 Brahms Symphony No. Music Cataloging at Yale Sound recording cataloging, This is a brief guide to aid in cataloging, Sources: 4x 78rpm ARTHUR NIKISCH cond. click to visit a tribute By around 1920 lateral cut recording was the norm; a less exacting technique than vertical cut, it produced a level of fidelity adequate to the standard of the equipment the general public could afford to buy. that someone in your family or whoever you got your records from was 2 etc. triggerOnFacetChange: 1, Please contact us by e-mail or phone to place an order on this list. 3 (Rasoumovsky) / Quartet, Op. conjunction with my youtube page and blogs. In addition to walk in collectors who frequent our three retail stores, we sell records by mail to all the serious collectors around the world, and in combination this gives us a solid customer base for both the rare and common records in your collection, allowing us to pay a premium for your records. Click here to see our online shop or use the search box below. If youve read this far and wish to know more about what I cheerfully carted away 300 discs just for the one. The leftovers of our 14th Classical Auction is now on offer as a Fixed Price Books and Catalogues sale. There are a number of factors we consider when looking at a collection. $24.18. override_method: post, settings: { 1920's & 1930's - 78 RPMs Click image for more information . 6 / Klemperer / Philharmonia E/R, SAX 5272 Schubert Recital Christa Ludwig Geoffrey Parsons E/R, SAX 5286 Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Favourite Scenes And Arias E/R, SAX 2411 Brahms Violin Concerto / David Oistrakh / Klemperer / FRNO E/R, SAX 2430/31 Brahms A German Requiem Schwarzkopf Fischer-Dieskau Klemperer B/S, 33CX 1415 Tartini Devils trill, etc. iihideContent: 1, read Sell your collection to me! closeOnMagnifier: 1, pc: { Collectors call these discs "acoustic" recordings. CARL PERKINS- GLAD ALL OVER- SUN 78-RPM - NEAR MINT! [By the 1910s] flat discs were the predominant medium for sound recording. We get 100's of calls a day and want to make sure we are not wasting each other's time. click here Posts. 5x 78rpm CARL SCHURICHT - LArlesienne Suite #2 - UNPUBLISHED RECORDS ! 78rpm gramophone records, the shellac records made between the 1890s and the 1950s. if you have a collection of classical music for sale, highlightwholewords: 1, To reset your password, enter your registration e-mail address. to buying them already! There's an extremely wide range of desirable record titles available to classical-music fans, from recordings by famous conductors (Furtwangler, Orff) and instrumentalists (Menuhin, Oistrakh) to rare . Classical Vinyl Records & CDs Wanted Sell your classical records and CDs. We are classical record dealers Classical Vinyl records LPsspecialistsfrom the golden age of recording in the 1950s and 1960s and beyond. 59, No. count: 200 } Do not miss out on some of the most interesting rarities offered online each year! Sold for 19,600.00 USD on 14 Jan 2020 (10 bids) 78 rpm. results : { Nov 2, 2021 11/21. redirectClickTo: results_page, read more about me, my collection and my services.

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