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Content is BGC if not stated otherwise. Dress your crime fighting medieval sims accordingly. Conversion from Sims Medieval. I will later also remake the other cradles from the baby set for infants, but we start with these. Unmerge the files if you want to edit or remerge but remember to keep the files together. All items are freely placeable in order to give people freedom while assembling these items to create their own version of the Royal Naval College. I would love to know about your personal save files or any that you like to play with that I havent listed here. All age versions merged in one handy file for each version (2 files). #4 Corrupted Save File Solution People facing crashes while placing building may end up with a corrupted save . Join. March 4 in The Sims 4 General Discussion TSR recently issued (and is still issuing) a ton of Medieval cc for Sims 4. to install the savefile you only need to unzip the download file and put the .save file in to your saves folder. Download Juniper Dress for all Ages (Curseforge), WIP - Gibbs Hill Tower, Britechester. This is the babushka scarf liberated - no hair attached, equipped with hat slider and base game compatible. (Tuning provided by the awesome @mizoreyukii )Updated for Infants Patch & Growing Together EP - now babies should spawn with the parents skin colors.Improved textures for the TSM Cradles. I absolutely loved exploring them. Feel free to share ideas and content. Definitely check out this save file and visit the Williams family in Willow Creek (theyre my favorite! Unfortunately, I can no longer find a working link to this save file.. Hunters Hut, deco for your sim wilderness. 8. So cute! I was trying to download and play on a saved file but am getting the error message that game data is incomplete. If you want to share your save file so someone can download it, there's a subreddit for sharing save files. 16. r/thesims. Available for the middle & highest wall height. *: :*you can find all my creations on the gallery under my Origin ID FantayziaYT or under the hashtag #fantayzia*: :* download my cc creations here*: :* socials *: :* twitter : instagram : tumblr : my website : discord server : twitch : tiktok : all my links :*: :* faq *: :*- what mic do you use? rode podcaster- what editing program do you use? filmora- what computer do you have? check the about section on my channel page for details on that-what default eyes do you use? adore eyes : what default skin do you use? halo skin : what eyelashes do you use? Kijiko 3D Lashes : how do you raise your sims needs by clicking them? They have made various improvements in the game and have introduced a save file that helps fix multiple conflicts and bugs in the game, making it smoother. Ill try them both in game and see which one works for me. lol you probably figured that out by now. I ccreated a survey some a few days ago, you can vote for the world you want me to medievalize next : HERE. This one includes every single world and sim that was in Sims 2. Her world is probably one of my absolute favorites to play in. This sims 4 save file that has been updated through Snowy Escape so theres a lot to discover. A : No it's not. The relationships to each other have even been added (the pleasant sisters are dating the broke & dreamer sons, etc.) I'm gonna try to fix it when I have more time (stay tuned).I originally made this as sleepwear/swimwear for my Medieval serfs, but it could just as easily be repurposed for any historical sim who is down on his luck. They even have storylines! The Fleuralia save file has some really cool features. The only thing I wish is that it came with more sims in the worlds, but thats a personal preference. Medieval Windenburg is not a save file, and it's not lots neither, it really reworks the world items we can't edit in the game when we play it (I mean unlike lots). This mid-priced family farm is the largest plot of land in Henford-on-Bagley and isn't for anyone who's afraid of hard work. Im so excited to share this new save file with you!! I believe that this save file is base game only, so thats great for any players out there who arent able to buy all of the packs! I've just started playing a medieval save file and your cc has been such a boon for me! Available for all ages including infants. Little Root Save File by tinycowplant, 31. The Sims 4 Mods on CurseForge - The Home for the Best The Sims 4 Mods The Sims is a super successful series of life simulation games, one of the best-sellers of all time. All of the worlds have been updated through the Snowy Escape expansion pack. Updated tuning - no more LE:s (hopefully). I was wondering if you have ever done (or know another modder who has done it) a historical conversion of the game's cellphone? (File Path: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves) 3. the aurora save file is by far one of the most incredibly detailed save file i've seen so far!download :*: :* don't forget to subscribe to become a member of the fantacorn family and hit the bell so you'll never miss another video! Plus all of the townies have been given makeovers. Luckily, its all done for you in this save file! I knew this was coming soon from watching her videos and Ive been waiting & waiting. Oh and it's completely the sims 4 custom content free! One save file can be uploaded on the internet and shared among all players. For example, in Willow Creek, most of the builds are pastel pink and in Newcrest, theyre yellow. Your email address will not be published. Actually move the folder to your Desktop and start up the game. Hey hens! You will not get bored with this sims 4 save file! It still looks odd but not that much , This is a community for all things custom content and mods for the sims 4. This save file is entirely focused on families and gameplay, so keep in mind that you wont find many renovated lots or new builds. And whats best - these stands come with weapons attached. The main reason Im obsessed with this save file is the townie makeovers. It uses almost all of the packs (But the important ones are Cats and Dogs, Get Together, Realm of Magic and Island Living), and A LOT of costum content (mostly . Download TSM Cradles for Infants (Dropbox). There are only a few new townies which is this save files only downfall in my opinion. Helmet included in zip. Building is her specialty and you can see why in her Newcrest save file. The Sims 4: Medieval Save * Save file not affiliated with EA Hear ye! Oh, and not only is this a save file, but it includes gameplay rules alongside it if youre looking for a fun challenge to do (you can also find a list of 75+ sims 4 challenges here.) *You can find the link to download in video description. Only a few exceptions, but they are so small that it won't impact your game (I mean if you have a pc that can run TS4 properly, if it struggles already with the base game then it will be the same here.). You can find the download link in the description of her Youtube video below. You can check them out. I've just started playing a medieval save file and your cc has been such a boon for me! SIMS 2 & SIMS 4 MEDIEVAL STONE FLOOR SET: I came across this wonderful stone pattern (the red one) on google images and thought itd look good on medieval buildings. I keep getting asked about the blank world that I use. While we wait for CAW, to be able to make new worlds/hoods, this is possible with TOOL by @twistedmexi. Not only will you get a list of sims 4 mods to use with the save file, but youll also get a genetics folder download to make all your sims look different and new! Thanks for sharing!. Also I really like "Hellfire" also from her. Credit goes to wmsimscreations who first converted these to sims 3. And once again, another update to this sims 4 save file! Plumbsz Save File (formerly Lavender Dreams Sims Save File), 22. The creator has recreated many of our favorite neighborhoods from The Sims 2 including Veronaville, Pleasantview, Bluewater Promenade, and more! This is sims 4 medieval pack, it contains more items than any pack that I have ever released. Id also recommend you get the Royal Arch which was converted to Sims 4 by @zx-ta and you can get it here. Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest all have new or renovated builds. But if youre missing some of the packs they have, there may be missing furniture or clothes. It's at like 1.8 mil lot value, and I'd say only about 35-40% furnished. This is a very specific request, and I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, but feel free to move it. This is an excellent list! You may like to create & place your own families which would work perfectly with this save file. Unmerge the files if you want to edit or remerge but remember to keep the files together. And yes, I will update more stuff for the infants. TOU: Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Once you've saved the original files somewhere even safer, put the world files of my mod into the location I said above. Simsies save file was one of the first save files I ever saw and downloaded so it has a special place in my heart. UPDATE RatSave 1.2 is now available with updated builds and a complete overhaul of Willow Creek and Magnolia Promenade. :) Download TSM Nightie - Slip for All Ages, All Versions (Dropbox) sims 4 medieval ts4 medieval s4 medieval s4 medieval cc s4 dress s4 child s4 toddler s4 infant - 30:18Join the plum family if you haven't already, we'd love to have you! And you definitely have to check out the new park in Oasis Springs. Open for more DOWNLOAD THE SAVE FILE HERE: the sims 4 save file is the sims 4 fantasy save file created by ErynWithAy! With Medieval Windenburg you can't use Timeless as teh same time as I also remove modern things but the conflicting point is when Timless removes objects that I retextures or replaced in my mod. Medieval Chain Mail. Her content never fails to make me laugh and shes an incredible builder. Put the save file into this path Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves Start your game and enjoy the save file! Is there any good Medieval Save File that primarily uses CC? ALL WORLDS COMPLETED, lore & incredibly detailed sims 4 save file Fantayzia 305K subscribers Join Subscribe 37K views 2 months ago #sims #sims4 #sims4mods the aurora save file is by. EN Here it is, finally.Find in this video the world tour of Medieval Windenburg.But what is Medieval Windenburg ?Medieval Windenburg is a mo, All ts4 medieval cc gathered in one place. Slava Ukraini! A simple recolor of the armor from Get Famous, that I made for Foxface MacKinnon, one of the members of the Thieves Guild in my Medieval town. I never play with a base game save. But you are right, even with these kinds of mods, a DR would be good to have. Unmerge the files if you want to edit or remerge but remember to keep the files together. I recommend watching her youtube video that Ive embedded above to learn how to install it and everything thats new. The solution to that? Her world is probably one of my absolute favorites to play in. Medieval Save File? Thanks to @felixandresims @thejim07 & @cliffou29 for the original mesh for some items. April 28th - It's time for our Friday Highlights! The new lots that come with this save file are really creative and fit well within the aesthetic of each world. Open for more DOWNLOAD THE SAVE FILE HERE: Show more The Sims. The set consists of 27 individual items, 1 wall paper and 1 floor. Theyre huge and very unique. Youll notice that this was previously Oasis Springs but it has been renamed Maristella. And continuing to do it as well as they are today. Definitely check this one out! It lets players play around with pretty much all aspects of life, letting their imagination run wild as they discover the endless possibilities available within The Sims world, exploring and customizing every single detail of it. Sims 4 Medieval Mods & CC January 20, 2021 Nicolas Magic Is In The Air We believe that The Sims 4 can be a gateway to thousand different worlds! Download The Better Sims 4 Save File On Tumblr Ikea, known as BetterSims4 has released a savefile on their Tumblr that revamps all the base game worlds; Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest. Another Sims 2 to Sims 4 save file. This is a favorite! If you want to feel immersed in brand new sims 4 gameplay, THIS is the save file to download. This lively and detailed save file takes place 15 years into the future. 31+ Absolute Best Sims 4 Trait Mods to Create More Unique Sims (Sims 4 CC Traits), How to Make Half Cabinets in The Sims 4: Simple Guide to Custom Cabinets, 31+ Absolute Best Sims 4 Couple Poses For Incredible Pictures, 15+ Best Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods You Need to Download for More Realistic Pregnancies, The Sims 4 More Traits Mod Download & Tutorial (2022 Update! Click here to pin it! I have converted these for newborn babies before in my Cradle Expansion set. Komorebi. I love the builds that were done for Magnolia Promenade. Nearly every single lot has been renovated, every premade family has been updated, and BRAND NEW households with skills, careers, and relationships have been added. Knights are without a doubt one of the coolest things from the middle ages. Okay, guysI have just been BLOWN AWAY by this save file! Or does anyone have a link to a blank save file with all lots and sims deleted so I can start from scratch myself? All age versions merged in one handy file. Those are the absolute best sims 4 save files that Ive found. You have to see them for yourself. - 00:00The worlds that were changed into fantasy ones - 00:48Willow Creek - 01:02Forgotten Hollow - 07:48Glimmerbrook - 08:34Henford-On-Bagely - 13:00Sulani - 15:54Looking at the magical households - 23:43What do YOU think of this save file? How cute is that?! )Continue, Read More Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs: Ranked by a Real Player (2022!)Continue. A : No, you only need Get together. I'm fixing this! The builds in this sims 4 save file are impressive! The lots are alreday up at the Gallery - but I would recommend to get the CC before you place them. Do not copy and paste or create a shortcut. I honestly cant get over how good her builds are. Download the updated set of cradles (Dropbox). If youre looking for a save file where no detail has been overlooked then THIS is the one you need to download. You just need to activate the cheats "bb.showhiddenobjects" and "bb.showliveeditobjects" to have all the items showing up. I mostly just want windenburg, henford-on-bagley, tartosa, Sulani, and mt. The kids versions take their textures form the adult version - one merged file. Now updated and improved, with better meshes more swatches and expanded with sizes for infants, toddlers and children. komobori because I'm my opinion, the other worlds look too modern (even with the timeless mod. I'm making a historical save file. All age versions merged in one handy file. Simlush states that there are 163 new builds, 69 renovated builds, and 65 brand new families. Every lot is packed with new or renovated builds and Sims, including a range of residential and community lots. Getting to build your own castles and village, have aspirations like ruler of the land, Village healer, Court wizard, blacksmith, town hermit, knight errant, etc. The backstories were EVERYTHING. My bad! I put this in my game and played around with it a little bit and it is SCARY accurate. All of the worlds have been updated through the Snowy Escape expansion pack. It's terrific and I'm hoping that someone out there might be putting together a save file using all of it. For more information, please see our Download Tattered Sleepwear for All ages (Curseforge). Occasionally also for other time periods. 1. You will not need the original mesh for this download because all of the mesh has been resized to fit this room. And not only that, but the builds are beautiful and super interesting. Its pretty amazing! Unzip folder. Luckily, you can play any save file without having everything the creators have installed. Another historical override, this time replacing the paper lunch sack with a simple leather bag. Ill be the first to say that Its super annoying that new expansion packs and game packs dont update the previous worlds with the latest content. Sorting everything out in a fantasy save file takes some time since all my sims have to fit the setting, so I'm planning to edit them all! While playing through this save file, one of the lots that really caught my eye was this little neighborhood hangout in Willow Creek. And the save file has all new sims placed in the homes so you wont get bored anytime soon. They have been a part of the Simming community since 1999 and was the first Sims fan site so they must know what they're doing if they're still going strong. Hear ye! This dress started as an update project of an old recolor - and this led to a complete remake, new mesh, new textures. You can find more information on ratboys tumblr post linked below. The kids versions take their textures form the adult version - one merged file. Oi oi minha gente linda! Hoje trago para vocs um save file medieval inspirado na srio da HBO Game Od Thrones! Swipe to see all the worlds! If a cc save file is in the making please let me know, I'd love to play with it. You can still download it and play it! Most items are found in ceiling decorations or wall sculpture. The builds perfectly fit the world and each of its distinct neighborhoods. It's terrific and I'm hoping that someone out there might be putting together a save file using all of it. You have to see the shopping center and Amsterdam street apartments lots! You also have to see the renovated Myshuno Meadows park. Read more and download the sliders here:Hat Slider for adult simsHat slider for Kids & Toddlers, Download Winter Headscarf - BGC (Curseforge). Yes it's on Patreon, no you don't have to pay to access it, though that . SimLicy Save File 2.0 has been released!! Use itor don't \_()_/. And if you dont already know, here are some quick directions on how to download and put save files into your game. And it takes SO much time to try and put all that new content into the game yourself. Download Barnacle Bay Long Dress for All ages (Curseforge). 1. Unless the save file is based around a certain pack, its usually not a big deal! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Download instructions: Head to Patreon (you're already here) Download the folder found under "attachments". As usual any questions just let me know and I will try to help. . Deligracy is an OG sims youtuber. This save file takes the notorious families from the sims 2 and puts them into the sims 4. For 99% I used the same image sizes that the original ones. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Those specific items or worlds will just be missing. However, that's not as easy in the Sims 4 because as many . AKA Ingeli - Swedish. Ive tried to include a video tour of each save file below the download link, so be sure to give those a watch. Unmerge the files if you want to edit or remerge but remember to keep the files together. Also I use @alf-si-cc retextures of windenburg (trees, water retexture), And that's all I think. There is now a version 4 of the Dizzy Isy Save File! Fall is the BEST, and this save file takes all the wonderfulness that fall has to offer and puts it in a cozy & renovated Brindelton Bay.

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